Welcome to Found The Hazard

Golf is awesome. I love the game. I also spend a large majority of my time on the course hating the game as well. It’s probably the most frustrating sport/hobby/activity you can do. Whether you’re a professional, played in college, a weekend warrior, a sub-10 handicap (like two of our writers) or a 15-handicap like me (NO BIG DEAL) the game draws you in.

If you’re like me, you spend five-plus hours on the course. Somewhere in the middle of the round you decide that golf sucks and it’s the literal worst. That realization can come from hitting a tee shot four holes over, topping a drive that doesn’t make the ladies forward tees, taking four shots to get out of a bunker or splashing down in the drink for the second time in as many holes.

All it takes is one swing and you’re back. You love golf. It’s the best and you’re already planning you’re tee time for next weekend. Golf is unique in that way. Or maybe I’m just crazy (I definitely am). 

Here’s a little about us and what we’re doing.

Three guys that can’t get enough of golf. Playing, watching, daydreaming about, practicing our swings around the house or in public when we think no is looking, and following the pros and personalities on social.

If things go according to plan (which given the current climate is a big IF)…there will be live golf every Sunday from now until November 29. So, we decided to cover from all sorts of angles we find interesting. Covering pro events, doing some course reviews (TPC River Highlands & Bethpage Black will be the first ones we roll out), and a few other things in the realm of the golf. Keep coming back and you’ll see!

We’ll be live tweeting the PGA Tour from @FoundTheHazard and posting some of our golf content on Instagram (foundthehazard). There is a pandemic and you have nothing better to do, so just follow us.

The PGA Tour is back this week. We’ll have a preview of the Charles Schwab Challenge first on tap.

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