Charles Schwab Challenge Predictor Picks or… what some call, poor mans gambling

As I’m sure many of you already know, there’s this app by NBC called “Predictor”.  If you aren’t aware of it, get on it! Its basically a way to gamble without actually having to pay the poor tax (That’s the lottery for all you non-degenerates out there) and there is a legit chance you can actually win some money. Trust me I know, I won $1.38, KILLIN IT!

Anyway, the major pull for downloading it for me at the time was making picks for Thursday and Sunday night football, but as it turns out you can make PGA picks on it too which makes the Thursday-Sunday tournaments a little more interesting without actually having to throw away your own money.  It also becomes a little bit of an addiction in the fact you can make picks on shit like NASCAR and Premier League too, which I don’t know about you, but I know dick about. 

I know this is a little last minute since the Schawb starts tomorrow, but figured I’d get this out so ya’ll that don’t know about the app can grab it and leverage this little gem going forward. This week you pick who will have the lower score for the week.

This week’s match-ups from the predictor are pretty solid, but I honestly think it’s a crap shoot since these guys haven’t played in a tournament setting in over 90 days, which is a little concerning considering who knows what JT, Rickie and squad have been doing with their vaults of cash over the last three months with renting yachts and islands and what not. I kid! Of course they’ve been practicing, they aren’t some of the best in the world by mistake!

Match 1: Rory McIlroy vs. Jon Rahm

I’m going with Rory on this one seeing as he’s a big favorite to win the weekend and I also expect Rahm to start snapping putters before the rust from the COVID break wears off. He can be a little bit of a loose cannon when it comes to emotions the second things aren’t going his way. Sorry Jon! For that reason, I had to chop you..

Match 2: Brooks Koepka vs. Justin Thomas

This was a tough one, mainly because Brooks is rocking an absolute fire stach that’s hard to bet against, but I have to go with JT here.  With 5 top 10 finishes in 2020 before this debauchery that Is COVID, he was looking really solid and his FEDEX ranking of #2 just tells me not to bet against him at this point.  JT get it!

Match 3: Dustin Johnson vs. Phil Mickelson

I love Phil Mickelson, but if you can’t win with the G.O.A.T Tom Brady on your squad you certainly aren’t beating DJ in a head to head.  I’m sure you’ll all tell me, but Chuck, Tom isn’t a good golfer! and I’ll respond I don’t give shit about your opinion, it’s TB12 were talking about here, this dudes a god in New England, get out of my face.  I know, Philly Mick hits hellacious seeds and his short game is bananas.  For me, he just hasn’t shown me much to give me confidence he can hang with the top dogs on a consistent basis anymore.  DJ for the win.

Match 4: Jordan Speith vs. Kevin Na

This matchup just doesn’t get me to excited.  Kevin Na is solid, and it shows with his 11th best ranking in the FEDEX cup and I am leaning a little to his side. Don’t get me wrong, Jordan is a beast but his lack of consistency as of late and with Kevin Na already getting a win in 2020 I have to give him the nod.

Match 5: Rickie Fowler vs. Webb Simpson

I’m going with Rickie on this one. I know Webb has been playing well this year and everything points to Webb being the clear pick here, but I guess this is just a feeling.  Rickie had a little airtime a few weeks back in the Taylor made event to get the juices flowing plus the fact that I am just expecting a lights out apparel selection for the weekend, that’s my pick. 

Match 6: Bryson DeChambeau vs. Patrick Reed

I wanna hate Patrick Reed after that “I’m a top 5 golfer in the world” comment a few years back when he did nothing, but the dude backed it up and he’s a stud.  Doesn’t mean that’s the pick.  I’m going with Bryson, even though there’s a lot to hate with the dumb hats he wears every week, but I just think he has been improving week over week in the last year and his game seems to be rock solid.  I’m not only picking Bryson for the match, but for the tournament.  Lock it in!

Match 7: Colin Morikawa vs. Scottie Scheffler

Who!? Not sure where this match came from, but lets run with it.  Morikawa 3 top 10’s in 11 starts against Scheffler’s 4 top 10’s in 13 appearances.  Feel like I’m comparing pitches here… Anyway, these dudes both look like they are 12, which makes me super jealous that I have to go to an office everyday and slave away while they will get to play a game for the next 40 years and make a butt ton of money, but that’s what you get for actually having goals at a reasonable age.  Anyway again.. I’m going with the Scottie and his 19th FEDEX cup rank? 

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the fact that sports are officially back in action!

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