Celebrities Announce PGA Tour Players on Social Media

I don’t know if you’ve heard or seen on social media, but the PGA Tour is back this week for the Charles Schwab Challenge. The PGA Tour is sure to be rolling out some new features to keep fans entertained and engaged without spectators on the course in Fort Worth.

One of the new features was having athletes, coaches and celebrities announce players prior to their opening tee shots.

Aaron Rodgers introduces Max Homa

Aaron’s beard is OUT OF CONTROL! Need to know what Danica thinks about it. I’m not going to chase the low-hanging fruit and say that Aaron Rodgers hates shaving and his family. I won’t do that. Anyway, he absolutely crushed this. One-time winner on the PGA Tour made me laugh and acknowledging Max as an all-time Twitter troll. 👏👏👏 

Here are some of Homa’s latest jabs on Twitter:

Nick Saban introduces Justin Thomas

Jesus Christ, Nick. Loosen up a little, bud. Listen, I’m a big fan of Saban and Alabama football, BUT what in the heck did I just watch. This was the best one? Seriously! If you want to see the emotionless smile of cyborg that was put on this earth to coach college football and make millions of dollars a year just watch the final seconds of this video.

Group Video

The video was great. Maybe I’m just brainwashed because I’m pumped for golf to be back. Some items of note.

  • Jake Owen might be the coolest person on planet Earth.
  • I’ll never understand how Keith Urban talks in an Australian accent and then has the perfect American voice for country music. If you’ve never seen Keith Urban and you heard his voice you’d think you were Punk’D.
  • What is Cedric the Entertainer’s handicap. If it’s lower than mine I’ll be PISSED.
  • How is Shooter McGavin still a thing. HOW?!
  • Brian Littrell still has the pipes. Backstreet Boys > NSYNC

PS Shout Out to the GOAT Tee Announcer Ivor Robson

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