Crowds or No Crowds? That is the Question.

After the world being flipped upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, we expected the return of sports to look a little different. We’ve experienced the return of the PGA with absolutely no fans allowed and between the three of us here at Found The Hazard, we all seem to have a different take on our thoughts to the spectator free competition.

This is what an eagle sounds like in 2020… Thanks to this dude Nick who was peeking over a fence to catch the excitement.

I have to be honest, I don’t like it. While the broadcasters have done a great job calling the shots, the game just feels like its missing something for me and trust me, this is a hard position for me to take. Everyone will tell you I’m the first one to say PGA fans have to be the worst fans of all live sporting events. Every time I hear some idiot in the gallery on a tee box yell “Mashed Potatoes!” or “BabaBooey!” just as a tee shot is hit, I silently hope there is someone brave enough to sacrifice $12.50 by hurling that overpriced domestic beer straight at that persons head. Ok, a little aggressive, but that same dude yelling is also probably wearing his golf shoes to be a spectator, so, sorry I’m not sorry.

So, minus those attention seeking jackasses, I need the cheers, I need the owws, I need the electricity! This thing went into a PLAYOFF and when Danny Berger made the winning putt, I’m like, wait? thats it?

Its just not right, its time to get the galleries back in the game. Did I take these “Mashed Potato” yelling ashats for granted all these years!? I hate myself for saying it, but I think I have.

Actually, no, that video just made me hate them again. But, I do need the crowds back. Hey, I have an idea, I vote the PGA make a new rule to immediately throw out anyone who yells some dumbass word at the time of a shot and that person is banned for life. Ok, thats settled. Moving on.

So, to end this thing, the whole no crowd thing is to prevent the spread of coronavirus. That is the goal after all right? Well, this is America, and lets be honest, as a society were really just not that smart. Just look at the picture below with the make shift stands in some dudes front yard and NO ONE wearing a mask. Listen, theres no stopping it at this point, so let the people who feel comfortable come watch and those who aren’t, stay home. I agree that was probably the dumbest thing I could have said, and I’ll probably get a bunch of crap for it but you know what, I’m just so over this virus at this point..whatever.

I’ll leave it up to the rest of you though. What are your feelings with no crowds? Hopefully this is a short debate, but its 2020, so who knows?  Aliens could legit land on my back deck at this point and it would be completely normal. 

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