Bryson DeChamDEBO Came to Play!

After finishing the day yesterday in round 1, 3 shots off the lead, Bryson DeChambeau knew he needed to put in a strong performance today to move himself up the leaderboard and put himself in legitimate contention heading into the weekend. Well, he certainly delivered shooting a 64 finishing at 7 under for the day, and if it wasn’t for a missed short putt on 18, he’d be tied at the top of the leaderboard with Webb Simpson.

I’m really not sure what’s going on with Bryson, but he seems to be doing everything right. He’s turning himself into a legit superstar on the PGA Tour, not only with his massively long game, but his ability to smooze it up with the press.

Its utterly confusing though, how can someone be so stiff at address and have so much game? It literally makes zero sense. If this guy was paired to fill a foursome on a Saturday afternoon at the local public course, the second he stepped to the tee and I saw this I’d cringe…

My first thought would be this is gonna be long day and theres no way this guys handicap is any lower than 40. But then he does this?

I don’t know what this guys fitness regiment was during the COVID-19 break, but he’s put on some serious poundage. He says it was from a lot of muscle gain because he’s “literally working out every day”, I say he was “literally waiting in the local Wendy’s drive through line everyday.” Regardless, as I’ve said in a previous post, if jamming down a few Baconators a day gets me to pipe 375 yard drives then I’m all in. You do you Debo, you do you.

As a former Bryson hater, mostly because of his “signature hat” look. I have to admit when I am wrong. This guys game is just savage and it’s fun to watch.  When a guy has a 260 yard look into the green and hits an iron pin high, that’s something to watch and I look forward to a lot more of it over the weekend.  

As a side note though, you really do need to lose the hat.  

What are you doing?

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