I Think Tyrrell Hatton is the Most Relatable Golfer on Tour

Let me preface this by saying most of my favorite professional golfers are European and when the Ryder Cup comes along I’m Team Europe for life.

Yeah, I know. Growing up my favorite players to watch or see highlights of were European/not American. But this isn’t a Ryder Cup post. This is a Tyrrell Hatton appreciation post.

Tyrrell won the Arnold Palmer Invitational this year pre-COVID and he’s also won four times on the European Tour. He made a splash in his Ryder Cup debut and if you haven’t seen any of these clips he is quite talkative on the course.

This happened this year during the third round of the API in 2019. He was not a fan of his approach. He proceeded to chip it to a foot and make a tidy par.

This came at The British Masters last May. I know it’s cliché to call him a mood, but this might be the most relatable thing I’ve seen from a tour player. My ball flight (sometimes) is great, but I rarely find my aim point.

That video is absurd. Just no gallery, nice and quiet and his fiancée slams the port-a-potty on her way out in the middle of his backswing. Chicks!

Another classic. After hitting his tee shot in the way (Shout out to finding the hazard) and missing his bogey putt, he used his club as a shotgun and flipped of a pond. Adding this one to my arensal.

He’s taking the week off, but he’ll be teeing it up again next in Detroit in two weeks. Keep Hatton on your radar and follow him on Twitter.


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