Bryson DeChambeau’s Diet is Out of Control

Bryson DeSLAMbeau is quickly becoming one of the best interviews on Planet Earth. He is an eccentric cat to say the least. During his pre-tournament Q&A at the Rocket Mortgage Classic on Tuesday, the five-time winner on the PGA Tour talked about his diet.

4 eggs
5 pieces of bacon
2 protein shakes
PB&J sandwichGoMacro bar “here and there”
2 shakes mid-round or every 6 holes.
“Snacking” when practicing after
2 shakes

Oh em gee. Pray for Bryson’s bowels and the pluming at the rental properties he’s been staying at. SIX to SEVEN protein shakes a day including crushing them mid-round in tournaments. What a sly little chuckle when describing that he likes the taste.

I know that Bryson is pretty active on Twitch. He should just stream himself eating for a whole day. I would watch the absolute crap out of that. He has done a complete 180 in many fans eyes, including my own. He has picked up his pace of play, used science (in a cool way) and his body to try and get to 200 MPH ball speed which is UNHEARD of.

I love that the fact that he calls his driver the Kraken. RELEASE IT!

What he’s doing is working for him. He’s got three top-10 finishes in the restart and he leads the PGA Tour in score to par (-46), GIR (78.7%), shots gained off the tee (1.15) and drives over 300 yards (90!).

Is it sustainable? Who knows. But one thing is for sure it’s been damn fun to watch so far.


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