Check Out the Longest Par-5 in Professional Golf

The longest par-5 in professional golf is back this week at the TPC Colorado Championship at Heron Lakes on the Korn Ferry Tour.

It is a 773-yard absolute bear of a hole. 773! How fitting is it be named Longer Still. Perfect. Just perfect. Below is a look at me typing this as I thought about what I’d put on the card walking off this green.

Here is a closer look at this monster.

I never met the architect of this course, but I can tell you he is a DICK. And the hole location is BANANAS. Tough. I’m getting the triple-bogey sweats just thinking about it. I know they are playing at altitude, but this hole is over HALF A MILE long.

The hole is 83 yards longer than the previous tour-sanctioned longest. That was back at the PGA Tour’s 1991 Tucson Open at The Gallery GC, which featured a 690-yard par 5. 690 yards in the early 90s is crazy to think about!

At the event in 2019, the hole played to a stroke average of 5.072. In fact, it ranked as only the eight most difficult hole at TPC Colorado last year. But, that’s mostly because these guys are used to tearing up par 5s in general.

For a par-5 to play over par in tournament is crazy to think about. Typically, these guys are pissed if they walk off the hole with five. Oh, and if you think things get any easier, the next hole is a 273-yard par-3. SHEESH.

Follow the Korn Ferry Tour! There are a ton of good stories and guys grinding to earn their Tour card. Plus some super low scores every week.

What would you card on this hole?


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