Highlights From Today’s Nine-Hole Exhibition at the Rocket Mortgage Classic

In case you missed it, Bubba Watson/Harold Varner III squared off against Jason Day/Wesley Bryan in a nine-hole exhibition today to raise money for charity at the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

The guys started off on No. 10 and it was a pretty entertaining afternoon. Airing on PGA Tour live, the players provided most of the commentary with announcers occasionally jumping in. Basically, this is what we wanted from both the Rory/DJ/Rickie/Wolff skins match and the Tiger & Phil match.

If you haven’t put any money on HVIII this week you might want to. He was throwing absolute darts and oozing confidence.

The ball listened, Harold. Bubba & HVIII were locked in and making birdies.

Bubba almost aced the 15th hole. Shaping shots like an absolute boss. Check out the video of it and his easy birdie here.

HVIII put the match away with dagger on 17. With him and Bubba leading 2UP he made a bomb for eagle and peacocked around the green for the 3&1 dub.

How much swag does this guy have. Looked money the whole way. #NightNight

Also can’t forget to mention our boy Wesley Bryan. He was working through some stuff with his driver.

Bring the pose back! Little fairway finder. Shout out to whoever said “Toe City” at the end. Sounded like Jason Day. No clue that guy had a sense of humor.

All in all a surprisingly fun afternoon of golf. And they raised over a million dollars for charity. NO BIG DEAL. Good for them and Bubba for organizing this. Hopefully we see more of this in the future. I’m sure the pros would enjoy it a lot more than Wednesday Pro-Ams.

Round one tomorrow morning! LFG


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