Quick Plug to Improve Our Golf Game!

I don’t know about everyone else, but the more I watch golf, the more I want to get out and play. Unfortunately, not all of us have the ability to get out and practice and play consistently, which leads to shortcomings and inconsistencies that turn out to frustrate the living hell out of most players.

After taking an entire year off from golf. Don’t do that, its not a good idea, I guarantee you will add 10 strokes to your game once you return. But if you do have to do that and are looking to get your game back, or even just improve it in general, what can you do?

Not everyone has the ability to spend 70-100 dollars every week for lessons, but the great thing is that there are so many resources to help improve your game that are absolutely FREE!

Since my return to playing golf regularly, I have been really struggling to stay consistent with both chipping, as well as off the tee. Like most players who play recreationally, I have a tendency to come in steep when chipping the ball which results in what we know as the CHUNK. Then off the tee, with the less lofted clubs such as the driver, cutting across the body on the downswing through impact leads to a slice. ITS SO FRUSTRATING, because you realize what you’re doing but it can be so hard to fix yourself!

I wanted to share a Youtube channel that I have been watching recently called TopSpeed Golf run by Clay Ballard. Clay does an amazing job of breaking down the swing and providing a clear explanation on what you’re likely doing wrong and how to fix it. After watching some of these videos its really made me start thinking about some of the thing I do wrong and allowed me to alter some very minor things, which have helped me greatly in a short period of time. This isn’t the typical types of blogs we write here at Found The Hazard, but I think this guys channel is too good not to share! So hopefully you guys can avoid hazards by listening to some of these tips. Have fun!

Next post will be back on the Rocket Mortgage and the PGA!


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