Bryson Leads with 9 to go for final grouping

With Matthew Wolff looking like he was in control to begin the day, a dismal +2 start through 9 has allowed Dechambeau to step up and do what he’s been doing best, hitting bombs and taking names.

DeChambeau is 4 under through the first 9 and it doesn’t look like he’s planning on slowing down. He is just dialed in through the first 9 posting a -4, 32.

As we speak Bryson makes birdie on 10 and takes a solid 3 shot lead heading into the home stretch.

Matthew Wolf, not helping himself anymore makes another bogie on 10 and clearly something isn’t clicking with him today.

It looks like Kevin Kisner is the only one who has anything in the tank to potentially make a run, but he’s running out of holes fast and still 3 shots back. On top of that, we can be sure Bryson is going to drop a few more before the day is over.

Looks like we might have a correct prediction from our fellow blogger Steve calling the DeSlambeau victory. It would be a miracle for the guys to catch him at this point and its looking like its going to be a smooth ride home for Bryson.

Take it in Brotha! lets see how this unfolds!


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