Rocket Mortgage Classic Monday Morning Superlatives

We are back! The PGA Tour crowned its fourth winner in the restart. Bryson DeChambeau carded a smooth 65 on Sunday to earn a three-shot win at the 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic.

DeSLAMbeau wasn’t the only the only winner this week in Detroit. Let’s dive into our Monday Morning Superlatives.

Most Likely to need a reality check…
Bryson lost his mind on a camera operator during Saturday’s round. After hitting a poor bunker shot, he swiped his club through the sand in anger and ended up making a bogey. After his playing partner finished, he confronted the camera guy next to the green.

Bad look for the Big Bomber. He said “I think we need to start protecting our players out here compared to showing a potential vulnerability and hurting someone’s image.” And he added “As much as we’re out here performing, I think it’s necessary that we have our times of privacy as well when things aren’t going our way.”

Um, no you don’t dude. You’re playing for millions of dollars. Maybe just keep your composure. For a smart guy, it was a pretty tone deaf move. He didn’t want to damage his brand. Then when we won he name dropped all his sponsors. In the on again/off again world of our relationship, I think we are off, Bryson. Thankfully, he’s taking the week off so the distance will help us. HE YELLED AT A CAMERAGUY FOR DOING HIS JOB. Seriously?!

Most Likely to defy the laws of physics…
Seung-Yul Noh. Well we certainly know that you caught a bad break after this perfect approach.

That was an absolutely incredible wedge out of the rough. I still have no idea how that didn’t fall. But, some karma came his way this weekend as he opened the third round with eagle after holing out from 82 yards.

Most likely to get what you deserve…
Hosung Choi. WHO?! Well, if you don’t know Hosung Choi is the guy that went viral last year for his wild, spinning swing. Playing in a Korean Tour event last week he had this happen…

When you swing like an asshole stuff like that is going to happen. When they show the side angle he wasn’t even close! Pretty sure he was trying to blame his caddie here. I need a translator, stat! Sadly, I’ve topped a drive or 100 in my day so I get it. But I don’t have this crazy spin move as part of my action so not sure what my excuse is.

Most Likely to get a surprise top-3.
Kevin Kisner. Now, I say surprise because he just wasn’t shown during the broadcast on Sunday unless he was on the green putting. He shot a six under 66 to get his best finish of the year on Tour. He’s always been a killer with his putter (don’t forget he won the WGC Match Play in 2019). Below are his highlights from yesterday’s round.

He also had a great post-round interview. Check out his answer to a question about Bryson.

Most Likely to overread a putt…
Four weeks in and our first tie! This one goes to both Tyrrell Hatton and Rickie Fowler.

Tyrrell Hatton opened his round with a birdie on Saturday after stuffing one close. His putt saw every inch of the hole. He couldn’t believe that he misread it.

It happens man. Take the three and move on!

Not to be outdone. Earlier in the week, Rickie saw his putt almost do a 540 around the hole before dropping.

It was an interesting week for Rickie. He had a lot of sponsor interviews and was all over the place. Tough to balance hosting of sorts and competing. He FINALLY made a cut. Should be good momentum for him moving forward.

Most Likely to take a step forward…
Matthew Wolff. I know he shot a final round 71 to see his three-shot lead disappear, but he battled to put himself back in position yesterday. He was also damn near flawless for the first 54 holes. He’s only 22! That’s so dumb. To think what I was doing at 22 and this guy is smashing 360-yard drives and bringing home 800K paydays.

His move is awesome. I’m mesmerized by it. I said it yesterday, but the future is bright for these guys. He said he was struggling mentally on Saturday and he heard an ice cream truck in the distance. That reminded him to have fun. Youth.

What did I miss? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed another weekend of coverage. Muirfield for the first of two weeks in a row. LFG.


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