Tiger Woods Commits Next Week’s Memorial Tournament

It’s happening! This is not a drill! The Big Cat is back. Tiger Woods is teeing it up next week at the Memorial.

Tiger, who has won the Memorial FIVE times, will play a PGA Tour event for the first time since he hosted the Genesis Invitational in February. It is his first start since the pandemic hit.

He did play in the exhibition match with Peyton Manning against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in mid-May. He was striping the ball that day despite terrible weather.

That sound. That swing. That swag. It’s a thing of beauty.

With the shortened season, Tiger has not changed his approach. Despite a sprint to the Fed-Ex playoffs, Tiger is building his game around being prepared for majors.

Tiger with no fans following his every move will be something. Never forget this epic pic when he won the Tour Championship in 2018.

That is a work of art. Just an incredible scene. More to come on this and the return of El Tigre in the pieces next week.

For now, I’ll leave you with this.

No one and I mean NO ONE twirls their club after a stripe quite like Tiger. Poetry in motion.


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