Bryson DeChambeau Shows His True Colors During the Second Round of The Memorial

My love affair with Bryson DeChambeau is over. No more cute nicknames. No more getting jazzed up over his ridiculous lines off the tee. He showed his true colors today. He is a spoiled brat on the golf course and no matter how cool he tries to be his child-like behavior always comes back.

Heading to the scoreable par-5 15th hole, Bryson was +1 for the tourney. He then proceeded to record a 10! A quintuple bogey. Sad to say this is relatable, but how he handled everything during the hole and after was not. Here’s the shotcast for him.

To recap: He drove it into the hazards (shout out). Dropped 2. Hit his third Oscar Bravo. Dropped 4. Hit his fifth Oscar Bravo in the same spot. Dropped six. Hit his seventh 259 yards to the right rough (short side) 44 yards from the hole. He then had a 10-minute debate with a rules official on whether his first ball was actually OB (it was). His eighth shot was to 29 feet. He then two-putted for a 10.

I HATE how relatable that video is. The number of greens I walk off going like that en route to my double bogey is HIGH.

Look at this tweet from the guys at No Laying Up about his 15th hole.

26 minutes! What a joke. That messes with your playing partners rhythm, the guys behind you and the flow of the round. Such a shitty move by our former boy.

Let’s take a deeper look at his antics.

Here is Bryson maybe, but definitely fluffing down the rough before his drop. Listen, I do this ALL THE TIME and it’s fine in my book if you’re playing in a scramble or with the boys at the local muni. BUT, you can’t do this on the PGA Tour. Is this legal? Get me a rules official stat!

Here is Bryson not believing the rules official and calling for another ruling. While this was going on during the broadcast, Sir Nick Faldo explained the rule pretty darn clear and that Bryson was indeed out of bounds.

On the next hole, Bryson’s caddie pulled one of the most outrageous moves I’ve ever seen. I’m not being hyperbolic here. His caddie literally ran in front of a camera to block them from showing Bryson walking after a poor tee shot into a par three.

That was outrageous!

Live look at Brooks scrolling twitter…

I cannot wait to hear how Bryson spins this in his post round interview. Let’s be honest.

Next week, I’ll be back on Bryson’s jock. I’m addicted to his CONTENT.


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