Phil Mickelson Had Himself A Day at The Memorial Tournament

I didn’t think I’d be writing about a guy that ended his round 21 shots off the pace after carding a six-over-par 78, but here we are.

Sunday was peak Phil Mickelson. Before we dive into his shenanigans on the links, let’s catch everyone up to speed. During the final round of the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide (how annoying is that), he did the following.

  • Positioned his coffee tumbler on the green with the sticker facing the camera
  • Putted from 80 yards out
  • Laid up on a par 3

What a character. So starting on the second hole, Mickelson started to place his coffee tumbler on the green directly in line with the camera. Ambush marketing. Nobody and I mean nobody is a better marketer than Phil.

Sitting at eight-over-par after a perfect 364-yard drive right down the middle on 13, Phil decided to pull his putter. Seriously. If I saw someone do this at a muni I’d laugh. This guy did it on Sunday of the biggest PGA Tour event this season. Phil DGAF.

After leaving the putt short of the green he told his brother and caddie “I saw that playing out differently in my mind.” What the hell did you think was going to happen, bud! It get’s better! His next shot was unreal flop. Full swing. Full send.

I love when Phil flops it. Best in the game. I would have bladed that thing three holes over with a swing like that. Ho hum par.

He saved his best for the difficult par-3 16. The hole has been the toughest all week and is playing nearly a whole stroke over par. He laid up. On a 173-yard hole over water. HE LAID UP!

He left himself 43 yards to get up and down for par. He ended up missing his 14-foot par attempt. So not sure the strategy paid off. Have I unintentionally laid up on par 3. Yes. Yes, I have. Should Mickelson have laid up. No. No, he shouldn’t.

All in all it was a wild ride for Mickelson. He had four bogeys. One double bogey and zero birdies. Tough sledding in some brutal conditions on a very firm course.

If Phil Mickelson shot 78 what would you have carded?

From the tips, I probably would card a 150. No joke.

Check back later to hear about the winner!


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