Farmers Insurance Open Monday Morning Superlatives

Well, that was an eventful weekend of golf. Paul Casey showed age is just a number as he held off a charging field in Dubai on the European Tour. Patrick Reed, like him or not, won the Farmers by five shots. We’ll get more into his weekend in a minute.

Reed and Casey weren’t the only winner this week. Let’s take a look at our Monday Morning Superlatives and all the oddities you might have missed last week in the golfing world.

Let’s dive right into Patrick Reed and his questionable play on Saturday.

Least Likely To Get The Benefit of the Doubt…
Patrick Reed

Unless you were living under a rock, you know all about what Patrick Reed did on Saturday. During the third round of the Farmers, Reed hit his approach into the deep rough. He told his playing partners he believed it was embedded. He picked the ball up and called over a rules official. I have no issue with any of that. I do have an issue with him pressing his ball into the ground (The video I had was taken down by Twitter) and then jamming his finger into the ground in the hole to make it deeper. The rules official was placed in an impossible situation. BUT STEVE, the same thing happened to Rory. No it did not. Rory called attention to his playing partners before picking the ball up. He felt as though his ball landed in his original pitch mark. Reed jamming his finger into the hole was wild. For some reason the PGA Tour went to bat HARDCORE to defend this guy. They had a string of tweets about it. Crazy Town to back this guy that everyone knows is a cheater. I think Reed does this to himself so that he can overcome some sort of adversity. He is a truly gifted golfer and a shame he does shit like this. Oh and because Karma is real here’s one of his birdie putts earlier in that round… file this under things you love to see

Most Surprising Statement…
Xander Schauffele

Below is the screen grab of some of his post-round comments. They are fire emoji. That last line…obviously talk amongst the boys isn’t great. The Ryder Cup locker room is going to be something. Who on Earth are they going to pair with Reed. He has played his way. It will AWKWARD for sure. Xander had himself a nice little Sunday despite not being shown until his final few holes. He was three-under for the day and finished T2. Schauffele is one of the quietest guys on tour and he is saying this. Imagine what Brooks or someone else might have to add. Speaking of Brooks.

Strongest Driver Shaft…
Brooks Koepka

Check out the GIF below. That was his reaction after an errant drive during the second round. Bend it like Brooks! His game is in a bit of a rough spot at the moment. He has missed three straight cuts. I expect a bounce back from him this week in Phoenix.

Most Unaware…
The CBS Golf Production

Guys, we need to figure this out. First of all there is a dead window of when live golf is shown each week from the Golf Channel crossing over to CBS. Then they opened up Sunday with 15 minutes of everyone on the broadcast giving their opinion on the Patrick Reed situation from Saturday. I get that it’s important, but can’t we do picture in picture. Something. We know it’s capable because we constantly get those eyes on the course during commercials. They went a solid 35 minutes without a live shot being shown on a Sunday with 15 guys within four shots of the lead. Crazy Town.

Craziest Line Off The Tee…
Sergio Garcia

Take a look at that line! He nearly took the heads off of those two kids. If there is a full gallery there is no way you could take that line. The dogleg goes to the left and the fairway runs straight towards the city. The full video is below. Sergio also made waves over in Dubai this week because he is putting with his eyes closed. I think that’s psychotic, but he finished T6. So good for him.

I’m sure I missed some stuff because the Reed controversy consumed most of my weekend and Twitter scrolling. Let me know your favorite thing on the links from this past weekend.


One thought on “Farmers Insurance Open Monday Morning Superlatives

  1. Should’ve mentioned that Reed called out Rory saying its impossible for a ball a bounce and land in the exact same spot.


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