Kokrak takes down the Chuck, albeit not that pretty.

What an absolute roller coaster of a last 4 holes yesterday at the Chuck! I honestly can’t remember the last time 2 professional golfers who were leading a tournament played that poorly through the finishing holes. Sure, you see one guy implode, but to have 2 guys have the door WIDE open on so many occasions and neither one capitalizing is just bananas. However, with that being said, Kokrak did make 2 clutch par putts when they mattered to keep Jordan at bay. So maybe that’s capitalizing? I don’t know, didn’t really feel like it.

Before we go any further, I think we all just need to agree that Jason Kokrak looks like a giant baby? Look, I am not saying he is a baby, the dude clearly mashes, but I mean, look…

Dude looks like a baby
This is a real baby

For real though, kudos for Kokrak for battling out this win, especially against Jordan Spieth who has been absolutely RED HOT and was clearly the crowd favorite. Both of this guys played FANTASTIC golf all week long, but we can honestly boil this tournament down to 4 golf holes. Lets start with 15.

Both Jordan and Jason hit decent tee shots giving themselves less than 140 in with the advantage given to Kokrak with a lie in the short stuff. Speith had a 133 yard look from the right hand rough and hit a terrible approach missing the green right followed by Kokrack sticking it 64 feet, which while not ideal was in a great spot with already a 2 shot cushion. If Jason 2 putts here, its a commanding 3 stoke lead with 3 to play seeing as Jordan makes 5 here. Unfortunately, he missies a 13 footer to keep it at a 2 stoke lead. At this point the crowd is going wild with everyone screaming for Jordan, which is a straight kick in the balls to Kokrak.

The par 3 16th, Kokrak lead off hitting it in the greenside bunker leaving it WIDE open for Jordan to make a move, but what happens? Jordan does the same exact thing and puts it in the opposite green side bunker, yikes. Jordan however, hits a great sandy and saves a 3 with Kokrak missing a 10 footer to make his second bogey in a row. 1 shot lead. What is happening? Let the nail biting begin.

You cannot makes this stuff up, on 17 Jordan hits it dead left and just when you think he’s blown it, his ball hits a tree and kicks back towards the fairway in the rough giving him a look. With Kokrak still in a great position to capitalize with a good tee shot, hits sort of a slice, but manages to catch a piece of the right fairway, but ugh oh, there’s tree trouble there. Here we go again with neither managing to hit the green on the approach and Kokrak left with a tricky 35 yard chip from below the green and Jordan just off the back but with a BURIED lie. Gotta give Kokrak some serious credit here though, he hit a decent chip up, but still left himself with a 7 foot tester to make par and he buried it putting pressure on Jordan to make a 6 foot slider to keep it at 1. He does… Wow.

Not gonna lie, this was lining up to be one of the better finishes this year, but a poor tee shot to the right by Jordan put a damper on it quick. He did have a look, but was in the deep rough looking into 18. This was the type of shot though that if he hit it close, we would talk about for years, but it wouldn’t be so, Jordan hit it long and put it in the drink opening the door for Kokrak who safely knocked it on and 2 putt to close out the tournament. While it wasn’t the dramatic finish we were looking for, it sure was a heartbreaker for Spieth.

This hurts

It sure was a roller coaster with Kokrak pulling down his second win of the season, and probably knocking a few years off his life in the process. But, I’m sure he’s pretty relaxed now with his winnings and this is exactly why golf is the shit, you get a paycheck for a smooth 1.35 mil, but oh, here’s a dope ass tricked out Texas power wagon too. Love it, need to get me one of these.


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