Major Championship Golf is Must See TV

Yesterday was quite simply an awesome day of professional golf. High scores, low scores, impossible lies, insane putts and constant reminders that even these guys on Tour are still human. Below are some highlights from the afternoon wave during the first round of the 121st US Open from Torrey Pines in San Diego.

Louis Oosthuizen eats up Torrey Pines

Fresh off a T2 finish with Brooks at the PGA Championship, the South African is back contending and he is four-under through 16 holes and will finish his round this morning. When he gets back to it this am, he’ll have a 21-footer for birdie on the par-3 eighth and then have the par-5 ninth hole to finish before heading back out for his second round.

He’s got a nice-looking scorecard with five birds and just one bogey. He has the major pedigree having won the 2010 Open Championship and finishing second in FIVE other majors. He lost playoffs at both the Masters and The Open.

He’s got a smooth swing and is a quirky dude. Plus, he’s a walking billboard for UPS. I never understood why UPS had to advertise with these guys. Big fan of players just rocking logos all over the place and looking like NASCAR drivers. But why UPS? Seriously…

Kevin Na hits an insane flop shot

That was sick! Not sure how else to explain it. Golf is awesome. If I attempted to hit that shot, I would have skulled my 64-degree wedge 40 yards past the green. Not all pars look the same and sometimes you wish there were pictures on the scorecard.

Rory chips in from the junk on 7

WHAT A GOLF SHOT! That was just plain old silly. What a rollercoaster ride the seventh was for Rory. He pushed his drive WAY right (barely missing the penalty area), flew the green with his approach and chipped in to get to two-under.

It was a big day for Rory as he has struggled recently during the first round of majors. He birdied his last hole of the day to get to one under and he’s off early this morning.

Playing alongside DJ and Justin Rose they had a wild finish. Sitting on the 17th green with the sky getting darker, Rose played out of turn to finish and sprint to the 18th tee. Because, if one player in your group tees off you are allowed to finish the hole even if the horn blows to stop the round due to darkness.

Rose drove into Sergio Garcia. It was an awesome video and for sure rattled Sergio. I’ve scoured the internet and I could not find the video, but I have this picture for you.

A picture really is worth a thousand words or at least a handful of cuss words in Spanish.  

Bubba takes driver off the deck on the par-5 9th

That might be the coolest thing that happens all week at this tournament. Taking a driver off the deck is one of the hardest things to do in golf, let along in major championship when the margin for error is so small. With gnarly tough surrounding each and every green and some tough bunkers well below the green on nine, Bubba did Bubba things. His reaction was great and that led to a tap-in birdie and we said birdies were hard to come by on Day one.

Speaking of gnarly rough, here is a GIF of our sweet prince Jordan struggling in the “gunch” around the 12th green.

Bryson and Brooks LOVE each other

You cannot make this stuff up. These two are obsessed with one another. GET A ROOM! Bryson found a way to crash Brooks’ post-round interview. Bryson did this while he walking to a hole. He was in the midst of a competing in a MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP and he took the time to do the most unathletic jump in the history of civilization. That slow-mo of the jump was INCREDIBLE. If you watch that video and don’t laugh, then I have no idea why you’re still reading this.

Check out Chuck’s piece on some items of note during the morning wave here!

Excited for what the rest of the week brings!


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