Major Championship Golf is Must See TV

Yesterday was quite simply an awesome day of professional golf. High scores, low scores, impossible lies, insane putts and constant reminders that even these guys on Tour are still human.

Day 1: Takeaways from the Early Groupings

Turned out to be a pretty predictable day in San Diego for the opening round of the 121st U.S. Open. It was a beautiful morning with the winds starting to play a factor as the day progressed into the afternoon, which combined with the ridiculous rough, Torrey Pines turned out to be an animal fromContinue reading “Day 1: Takeaways from the Early Groupings”

Quick Hit: Rough, bombs, and beauty at Torrey Pines

The Insta below pretty much explains it all. The rough set up at Torrey Pines this week for the US Open is looking absolutely treacherous . It looks like it will pay to be straight this week. Our assumption here at FTH, is that anyone this week looking to take down the championship will needContinue reading “Quick Hit: Rough, bombs, and beauty at Torrey Pines”

Kokrak takes down the Chuck, albeit not that pretty.

What an absolute roller coaster of a last 4 holes yesterday at the Chuck! I honestly can’t remember the last time 2 professional golfers who were leading a tournament played that poorly through the finishing holes. Sure, you see one guy implode, but to have 2 guys have the door WIDE open on so manyContinue reading “Kokrak takes down the Chuck, albeit not that pretty.”